Credit “Invisibility” – and what it does to people

By · July 9, 2014 · Filed in Financial Recovery

I offer for your review (click below) a re-post of an article on “The Root” website by Edward Wyckoff Williams:

“Credit Invisibility Means Less Economic Opportunity in Black America”

This article outlines the challenges of those who are financially under-served – extending to the “credit conversation.”

As we move past “access” to financial services – which our company provides (click here) – the next steps include:

–  Savings: A regular habit of accumulating funds for emergencies helps break the habit of using the wrong kind of credit. As well, some of these deposits can also help to start building a positive credit history (more on this later).

–  Credit education and building a positive credit profile: There is NO reason to give up on your credit!!!! Becoming informed and taking action can improve your economic life – regardless of who you are or from where you start. There is no greater form of economic empowerment than understanding credit – it’s a “game” that’s never over, unless you quit on yourself.


More to come on this topic.

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